Friday, February 25, 2011

My Take On The Celtics Trades

Kendrick Perkins is not a great basketball player but he is the kind of player championships are built on. A role player, a dirty (in the best sense of the word) player. He does what many superstars can't or won't do and he was and forever will be a Celtic. I'll miss him not wearing green just like everybody else will but one thing I have learned is stupid people don't get smart over night and smart people don't all of the sudden get stupid. Danny Ainge made some brilliant trades in 2007 to bring the Celtics a ring and make them contenders the last four seasons. I do not believe for one second that now all of the sudden he has lost all of his ability to make sound decisions. I do however believe he knows more about what's going on and how to run a team than I do.

So even though like many Celtics fans I was a both surprised and confused by the trades made by Boston today I have no choice but to trust Danny Ainge's judgment on these matters. He's certainly earned that. As for Kendrick Perkins unless someday he plays for that franchise out west beats Boston and becomes associated with them He will always be a Celtic no matter who he plays for.

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