Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update On Bob Peters

I was not going to blog again about that idiot Bob Peters because honestly he isn't worth the space but if in fact he is the Bob Peters who is The President of Ankeny Iowa Little League then yes I will say what needs to be said.

You may recall that Borders the book store Bob Peters works for filed for bankruptcy and one of the stores that they closed was the West Des Moines store that he managed. After his store was closed he stopped posting on his blog for a few months though he never admitted he was unemployed. He couldn't admit to his fan-base (Blackfon) that he was a failure. As if Blackfon has every been anything but. Anyway I am happy to report Bob is back on his feet and blogging again. Between his unemployment checks and his wife's gig as a manager of a quilting store He is now secure enough to go back to posting nonsense on his blog. By the way I sincerely hope she does a better job than her husband for her stores sake. It's possible though not highly probable that Cindy Peters doesn't know about her Husbands "other side" If in fact it is his other side. Maybe he's just a complete prick who knows. Anyway I am not here to judge Cindy nor was I going to post about Bob again until I found something a little bit disturbing.

Unless there are two or three Bob Peters in Ankeny and with a name like that it's possible there is more than one and I sincerely hope that in the case of the President of the Ankeny, Iowa little league it is another Bob Peters. Can you imagine having a man who not only is a white supremacist but whom also befriends admitted pedophiles as the President of your child's little league group? I know that that would scare the hell out me if I were a parent.

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Yakki.PsD said...

Not just scary,freakin sick.

Anonymous said...

Not just scary,freakin sick.

I agree. I guess Bob answered this thread no here of course. I am not going over to his place to see what he said. I do know that he himself has hacked other people's social pages. His friends plus most likely himself like to steal identities and posts on message boards. His friends are the definition of true low life so I guess I'd better be careful what I'd say. But then I am neither a woman, a horse nor a minor so Bob and his crowd would probably not try anything with me.

Bob Peters said...

“…I guess Bob answered this thread no here of course”. Gee, and why not here? I guess it couldn’t have anything to do with the “If and when I see your posts they will be erased” policy, could it? Well, it sounds like you’re inviting me to respond, so lets see if you have the balls to actually leave the response up, or do the chickenshit thing and dump it.

Look, I’m not going to go over all the embarrassing misinformation in this and previous posts, although I do like you showing concern for my losing a job I never held. No, I address all of the inconsistencies in your “reporting” already, but I do have to address a couple of your new accusations.

Look, you want to call me an ass, want to call me stupid, or any other childish insult, then knock yourself out. Kinda par for the course for a hound. And hey, even though you couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve even come to accept “racist” from the hounds, because the left call anyone who disagrees with them “racist”, so that “insult” has pretty much lost any punch.

But I have to say, I take great offense at “White Supremacist”. Oh sure, again I know that it’s just a lame attempt to make me look like something I’m not, but when you add to that that I “hacked other people's social pages. His friends plus most likely himself like to steal identities and posts on message boards.”, you’re leaving childish insults behind and flirting with real actionable libel. Well, kind of. Sure, writing shit like this, making false accusations about someone is libel…. But then again it’s on your blog, so I guess for it to be real libel someone would have to read it.

Bob Peters said...

Now I could ask for a retraction or an apology, like that would ever happen, but I want to go a different route. Instead, I’d like to ask you to prove your accusations. Hey, If I’m any of these things you claim I am, it shouldn’t be that hard. Now granted, the “stealing identities and posting on message boards” is a little vague, since you didn’t 100% claim I did, just that I most likely did. (By the way, who are these “friends” you refer to? Folk I don’t know that have commented on my blog? Hell, using that logic you and I are best buds?)

The way I see it, there are four options here? 1) You retract and/or apologize. Yeah, not putting too much money on that bet. 2). You delete my response. THAT’S the one I’m betting on. (in which case I’ll just post it on my blog, so that any hounds stumbling on it can see you couldn’t back your claims up, which is just as good as admitting they’re lies.) 3), You give a lame ass response, providing “proof” that’s as lame (probably lamer) then all the other mistakes you’ve made, or 4) you actually prove your accusations. That’s a zero bet as well, since none of these accusations have the slightest bit of truth.

And hey count, if you are going to try to lie your way through this, lets see if you can be a little more creative than Aria, who “proved” that I’m a sexist by pointing out that I “only” comment on posts at newshounds written by women. Of course I have commented on posts written by male writers, but Aria failed to point out that 95+% of the posts are written by women, and conveniently ignored my disagreements with Nayef, Visitor, Doo-Dah, Brockman, and of course you dear count.

Bob Peters said...

And yes, there was one time I used the anonymous option to post on your blog, hardly stealing an identity. As for hacking, never happened. Oh, unless you’re thinking about the attempt Aria made to hack into my Facebook account. Nope, what you’re referring to is the time I went to Aria’s Facebook page…. Which was set to “public” at the time. Not exactly hacking when anyone has access.

As for the White Supremacist comment, lets see, where did you get that idea from. Lets see, was it my calling Obama every racial slur in the book? Well, since I never have, that couldn’t be it. My repeated use of the “N” word? Nope, I never use that word – I find it vile – so that can’t be it. My posts discussing my admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King? Well that doesn’t make sense.
I know, my work with Habitat for Humanity, right? Wait, the last three houses I assisted on were for African-American families, so THAT doesn’t sound like the actions of a white supremacist, does it. Or the two spring breaks in Mexico building homes for the poor. But hey, that was in High School, so I’ve had plenty of time to turn to the dark side, I guess. Or is it my membership in the NAACP? Yep, I have a membership in the NAACP.

But hey, here I am trying to take away all of your glory… No, let’s leave the proof to the great count. Or, more likely, lets start counting the minutes before the count hits “delete”. And folks, if you’re reading this on my blog and not the counts, that is exactly what he did.

Oh, one last thing. The count ended his last comment with “Bob and his crowd would probably not try anything with me.” Try anything? Do you really think that you are significant enough that I would want to “try anything”? Well, it must be wonderful to have such an ego, but count, if you were standing across the street I wouldn’t bother crossing it to “try anything”. No, seeing you live your pitiful little life is good enough for me. I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

P.S. Bonus points for proving my employment at the West Des Moines (or any Iowa) Borders.

Your move….

Anonymous said...

You don't believe in Keeping it short or coming to the point do you?

From your own Blog you state you are a manager of a Borders bookstore and you live in Ankeny which is Des Moines. Seeing as how the only Borders in the Des Moines Area is The West Borders store it was a horrible assumption on my part. I should have know that you were the manager of the Jackson Mississippi store and you just commuted.

Isn't it funny how as soon as the news broke of Borders closing some stores including yours...(oops my bad again sorry) you went silent for three months?

Now I have a dilemma. One the one hand since this thread is about you and you have the right to lie I mean answer I should leave your responses on the other hand

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Good Lord man.

Anonymous said...

From here on out if Bob wants to write any more chapters of War and Peace he can do so at Planet Boob. However I am keeping these posts up for Comedy value.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah..... Yeah, unlike the brief posts about James Bond Comic Strips..... Blah, Blah, Blah..

Oh how dare I write what I want to on MY blog. Thank you for reading Bobby.

Aria said...

"Or is it my membership in the NAACP? Yep, I have a membership in the NAACP."

You'll forgive me if I ask you to prove that. Oh, wait- I'm gonna guess your two replies:

1) I would like to provide evidence, but every time I try it just gets deleted because the moderators hate being proven wrong.

Reply: So post it on your blog...

Your reply: Fuck you.

2) I don't have to prove a damned thing. If I'm wrong, you have to prove I am to my satisfaction, even though the burden of proof's on me.

You know- the only two replies you ever put up while you harp on endlessly about how you think everyone who's ever discredited you is a liar?

You're so goddamned predictable, Bob- go write your little hit piece about me now. God knows you're not mature enough to do anything else.

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