Thursday, July 21, 2011

R.I.P. Borders

This is not exactly breaking news but Borders bookstores are going out of business. The Liquidation sales start tomorrow in their stores. Borders is to blame for being slow to recognize the E-reader market, online sales and hiring some real shitheads to manage their stores but it's not a good thing the store is going out of business. I am a believer in competition and I am a member of all 3 big book sellers book clubs. (We do have 1 Books a million store) I often made purchase decisions on which store Borders or B&N gave me the best deal. Now with Borders out of the way there isn't much incentive for B&N to continue to give discounts even to their book club members. Books a Million may compete in the South but not here. When I go in to their one store here it's always empty and the workers are always startled to have a costumer. Also it's the only store that doesn't seem to give out coupons offering 30 to 40% off twice a week. Of the 3 major stores I preferred Borders. I thought their store was the best and they gave the best discounts to their card holders. They will be missed. One piece of advice for B&N. If you buy up some Borders stores buy the one across the street from you at 72 Street and get out of that graveyard known as the Crossroads mall. Surely you must notice that between you and Sears there is nothing left of Crossroads but few mall walkers beating the heat and maybe a few teens in the bathrooms beating something else.

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Anonymous said...

Man the store was a mad house. People picking over things like vultures. Too bad they didn't decide to read until AFTER the store announced it was closing.

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