Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm insulted!

So the Count and "Bob" are in an epic war of words on their respective blogs, but there's no mention of yours truly. All I have to say is: what gives, "Bob"? Where do I fit in all of this? Sure, i've taken a hiatus from writing anything political, but come on! The last few years when I would contribute something nearly everyday should be grounds enough for some kind of name-calling! I'd happily take "idiotic, naive liberal brat who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about", but I can't even get that! Maybe I should return to talking more about current events, and less about movies and Harry Potter.

Edit From The Count: Ehh Bob Likes you I think. At the very least he respects your writing. He thinks you are a more talented writer than I am to which say... Duh! As for the epic war? Nah. Last week was the first time I mentioned him in 6 months and that was only to express that I wouldn't want him around my children. People say you know Bob said this or Bob said that. I laugh it off. I don't read what he writes and do not care. He does read what I write and he does care.

My advice for what it is worth is to stay out of it. Stick to whatever it is you want to write about movies, current events, how great the Padres are this year. But leave Bob to me and most of the time I'll leave him alone.

One correction though. Since Your talking about a "blog" war I am sure you mean Planet Bob not "Ranger" Bob. Two different Bob's. Of course neither claims to be "Suicide" Bob however after reading their work I am being to have my doubt about "planet" and "suicide"

Another Edit From The Count: After consulting my law firm of Dickerhoof, Fleckenstien & Morin. I have decided that the subject will be dropped. He's not welcomed here so anything he posts will be erased and any mad blatherings he writes on his blog are his own business. This blog shall be Peters free.

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