Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Few Words About Betty Ford

Betty Ford passed away last night at the age of 93. It seems in a way to me tragic that in our memories she will become almost more of a place in our collective conscience than a person. It's hard to type or say the name Betty Ford with out taking on "center" to the end of it. However I am sure Betty Ford was quite pleased and proud of the work she and her center did to help countless celebrities and others I suppose fight and break the addictions of Booze and drugs. As well she should have been.

I am sure somebody somewhere has opined about how awful Ms. Ford was and how the rest of us are kool-aid drinking fools or some such nonsense but honestly I have not seen it. And what little there is of that sort of thing it is miniscule compared to what you would be likely to see about most anyone else connected to politics. It seems that almost everyone, right and left, thought very highly and very much liked Betty Ford and that is what makes her an oddity in today's world.

And truthfully I liked her Husband as well. Would I have voted for him? No, unless I had to choose between him and Reagan. Is it because he was born just a few car minutes ride away from where the Count types this? I don't think so. besides Leslie King was born there Gerald Ford was from Michigan. It is I think because he was what too few of the people in his party are today. Good people. The same seems to have been more than true for Betty Ford as well.

I believe that no political party as the monopoly on good and bad people . I also believe in a Heaven, and both Gerald and Betty Ford are reunited there tonight.

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Jonathan said...

Eloquently said, Count.

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