Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Not Guilty Verdict And Why I Am Outraged

If you watched any cable "news" network today you'll know that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter. Some were outraged by the verdict. I was not. For one thing I didn't follow the trial at all. For another when I finally asked somebody "The Contessa" what the thing was about and to make it as brief as possible my first reaction was and this is a national story how? The whole thing to me was a story for the Orlando Florida press not CNN or MSNBC. Fuck Fox. The sad but truth about the matter is these things happen all the time. There was a case in Omaha that is almost exactly the same recently. So why am I outraged by this story?

There is your answer. I often joke that ___________________ is what is wrong with America often for purposes solely of humor. But in the case of Nancy Grace I mean it. She is what is wrong with America. Is she the soulless (you're guilty damn the facts damn the trial) shrew she portrays on TV or did she happen upon an act like the Limbaughs and Hannity's of the world and milk it for all it's worth? I do not know. But one thing I do know, She is no advocate of anything other than Nancy Grace. First there is the sob story of how she became the first bitch of victims rights that changes every-time she tells it. Honestly it would not shock me of the whole story is a hoax anyway. Then there is her you're guilty damn the facts, damn the justice system damn the American way routine. It's been said the woman leans liberal. It doesn't matter she hates America as much as any brain-dead unemployed teabagger ever has. Is our justice system perfect? Nope. For one thing it isn't color blind and I am not talking black and white the color our justice system sees and most and works for best is green. That being said I like it even if sometimes I do not agree with it. It's damn sure better than the Nancy Grace "you're guilty shut-up" justice system which never requires a trial by the jury of your peers. It only requires a quick judgement from an overbearing egomaniac. Yes I can live with the not guilty and the occasional verdict that I find suspect or just plain wrong. But it saddens me that in this great country that not only do we have Nancy Grace's but we make them superstars and somehow put value on their opinions that do such harm and damage to individuals our freedom and our country. Don't forget Nancy many of us think you yourself are a murderer and you never had to face a judge or a jury. That's ok for once I am sure you would pronounce the accused innocent with out hearing the facts.

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