Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He Is The Least Interesting Man In The World.

OK I just can't let this one go because it gets funnier every-time I read it.

From Bob Peters' Opus left here in this blog

My posts discussing my admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King? Well that doesn’t make sense.
I know, my work with Habitat for Humanity, right? Wait, the last three houses I assisted on were for African-American families, so THAT doesn’t sound like the actions of a white supremacist, does it. Or the two spring breaks in Mexico building homes for the poor. But hey, that was in High School, so I’ve had plenty of time to turn to the dark side, I guess. Or is it my membership in the NAACP? Yep, I have a membership in the NAACP.

Wow! Who knew that all this time Bob Peters was this guy

Stay Thirsty my friends.

In all honesty Bob is starting to remind me of Batvette the Newshounds troll who killed communism and the Ayatollah by himself. Not only did he... um...embellish his life story he too really was a social "liberal" Hmm I wonder if Bob goes for Blonde domination fetish videos and has a collection of latex masks.


et said...

I find this very cool as I now work for Habitat for Humanity locally, in a Marketing capacity.

Anonymous said...

The difference is I actually believe you work for Habitat for Humanity.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not knocking Habitat for Humanity nor the work they do. I wouldn't do that. I am knocking the need on the part of trolls to embellish and in most cases flat out lie about their lives.

Anonymous said...

Any comments made on threads older than a week go to moderation. In the past two days I have had to moderate comments from Ranger and planet Boob. Although in Planet boob's defense the thread he commented on had just turned over before he commented.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I just got done posting that comments on threads at least a week old go to moderation and then gave Planet the benefit of the doubt because the thread he commented on just turned over. But he commented on it again. Called myself and another member of Newshounds specifically some names. Then he added some insults to the Newshounds website as a whole.

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