Sunday, August 15, 2010

Save The Sex Ads For 3 In The Morning

I am a dinosaur in a lot of ways and one such way is I am one of the few Americans who still watches and enjoys the sport of Boxing. Tonight on HBO there was a fight between two boxers named Chad Dawson and Jean Pascal. On the back of Dawsons Boxing trunks sprawled across his ass in huge letters was an add for a condom website. Once I quit laughing I thought about how stupid and inappropriate it really was. The stupid is there because you're wearing a condom add on your ass and the inappropriate I will get to in a minute. I have since learned that this is nothing new for Dawson who has wore has wore that on his trunks before and many MMA fighters are also sponsored by that particular website. Honestly in the case of Dawson I never noticed it before, tonight it would have been impossible not to, and in the case of the MMA I wouldn't have noticed because I think MMA really really sucks.

I can remember as a young child watching fights with my Father as a 5, 6, 7 year old and I wondered if tonight a child that age asked his father what that website meant on the back of Dawson trunks and if a Father sat and fumbled for a reasonable answer to the question. Hell maybe today's 6 year old knows what a condom is and I am just behind the times. I can tell you at the age of about 8 or 9 I discovered that I liked girls but it was still another year or two before I figured out what exactly that meant in it's entirety and I was probably 12 or so before I stopped finding the whole idea of intercourse repulsive.

I feel the same way about the subject of sex and young children that I feel about politics and young children. A person only get's so many years (if they are lucky) that they can run and jump and play and be children without things like politics and sex ruining it for them. The sight of 42 year old woman's boob for a fraction of a millisecond is one thing athletes wearing condom adds, Race car drivers being sponsored by sexual enhancement pill companies is another. Yet it's the former that caused the uproar. Jimmy Johnson selling extenze tablets at 3:30 does not bother me. Any 7 year old up at that time and watching such a thing is the result of bad parenting But the fight was on before 10 o'clock and Cealis and Viagra commercials run at seemingly all hours and during all programs. In the case of the Male enhancement ads I am sure that many women who have put up with years of tampon and minstrel cramp commercials are probably saying "it's about time you know how we've felt for the last 35 years." And honestly they have a point.

I believe sexual education should start maybe as early as the 3rd or 4th grade. I believe it should start in earnest by the 5th or 6th grade. I also believe contraceptives should be made available in High Schools I also believe we should be allowed to watch a sporting program or any program with out having to explain to a 5, 6,7 year old that maybe be watching what a condom is or what ED is.

My Nephew who was about 6 or 7 at the time asked me who I was "going" for in the Presidential election. I told him Barack Obama. He asked why and I said simply I think he's the best person for the job. I left it at that. There will be time to share my Political beliefs with him when he is older. At his age he should just worry about figuring out how to get along with his classmates and make friends, WWE, NBA, and getting better at Madden's. You only get so many years when such things are the main concerns of your otherwise (again if you are lucky) care free life let's let the kids have those few years.

And yes I guess this is my Helen Lovejoy won't somebody think of the children post :)


Anonymous said...

It must be the liberal in me. As I was typing this I could hear and understand the counter argument being made. I still think we go too far.

et said...

Seems silly to me, Count.

Anonymous said...

My argument or the current rash of sex adds flooding the market?

et said...

No, the rash of ads. Product placement ad absurdium.

theroachman said...

My only argument would be WWE?

What fake wrestling? (insert laughter here)

Insert embaresment for watching it as a child here.

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