Sunday, August 29, 2010

Becktards Not Taking Failure Quietly

As you have probably already heard Glenn Beck's little Teabagger march was an epic failure drawing about 85,000 people. Of course whenever one of their heroes suffers an embarrassment the Fox Army mobilizes quickly to stick up for their fallen soldiers.

Tawny Jones
Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin was brilliant and beautiful as she delivered a thrilling tribute to our military heroes at the Restore America rally.

I find it incredible that you all can sit here and bad mouth an event that had nothing to do with politics, Obama, democrats, etc. I guess it makes sense though because you all were probably hoping for a republican political rally and didn't get it. This was truly a site to see and when Nov. 2nd comes those in washington, may be able to ignore today's rally, but will not be able to ignore the votes on the 2nd.


et said...

But...but...Michele Bachmann said they wouldn't let anybody get away with saying that there were fewer than a million!

Wingnut to a T. The "facts" are what you can get away with.

theroachman said...

When I got my census papers I had to send them back because according to Bachmann it should have been at least 40 pages long. So I must have got the incorrect form.

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