Thursday, August 5, 2010

As If they Weren't Old Enough.

First of All if we have to sign ex-Lakers this is the guy I am glad we signed BUT He hasn't been that good in at least 3 years and did we really need to get older?


Jonathan said...

This really isn't a great move by the Celtics. He's past his prime and he still can't make a free-throw to save his ass.

theroachman said...


Sad too say, nice guy too, but Jonathan is right past his prime.

But heck how about dem Raiders. Chris Motanson (sp?) Has them breaking .500 this year WOOT!!!

No really he does. It was on sportcenter this morning.

Jonathan said...

And yet, i'm still not worried about the AFC West this year (no offense to the Raiders).

I'm still wondering when will the Bolts actually breakthrough and get to the big game.

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