Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Questions: Race, Sports, and Everything In Between

* How many more examples does the Obama administration need before the Prez stops compromising for the sake of compromising and stands up to the conservative attack machine? There's a reason why you don't have that high 60's in the poll numbers, and why the progressive base thinks you're just another corporate sellout: you keep backing down when the GOP attacks you for trying to stay true to your campaign promises! Closing Guantanamo Bay? It should have been closed this year, but the blabbed that convicted terrorists would be locked up here in America, we - as we normally do here in America - react without thinking things through, and instead of using MSNBC's Lock-Up: San Quentin, or Manson as examples of high-class prison inmates that have not escaped, let alone see the light of day for an hour or two, you backed off. Now last week, the head of the Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, fired Shirley Sherrod because a video circa March of this year at a fund-raising dinner for the NAACP stating that she didn't help a white farmer as best she could because other black farmers were given the shaft so many times before, and given her ugly past brushes with racist whites. Right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart posed the video on his site, Fox News got a hold of it, screamed from the highest mountaintop that the White House in engaged in reverse discrimination, and she was fired on the spot...only to learn that the tape was deliberately tampered with to make the case that she is racist against whites. You can't keep running away from these fights, Mr. President, because they'll keep taking their shots if you do. You need to stand up for yourself and your party's agenda and start firing back. I'm not telling you to fight in the same manner as the conservatives do, I'm saying knock them around a few times, so that they, and the progressive base understand that you're not going to back down anymore. When that happens, the base and the Democratic Party will unite under your banner and so will the American people. If there's one thing I've learned under the Bush Jr. era, its that Americans respect a president who won't back down from what they believe is the correct and right path for the country. Bush Jr.'s ideas and policies royally screwed the working class and caused great strife to our allies abroad, but I do give him this much credit: the man didn't back down, in fact he got many of his policies passed with his party alone, and brought some Democrats into the fold because they would have looked foolish not to join W. But until you start standing up for your beliefs and stop backing down, you're going to look like a leader who's too afraid to start swinging when the other side picks a fight.

* Will Brett Farve quit the act and announce that he's coming back for the 2010 season!? We know you're going to come back, because you're notorious for holding a football team hostage when they've invested time and money into your primadona ass. We've been through one ego-driven player who created a one-hour event called "The Decision" as LeBron James announced that he's teaming up with Bosh and D-Wade in Miami, so spare us "The Decision Part II", get your gear on, go out and win the NFC North division like the analysis expect the Minnesota Vikings to do, then at the NFC Conference game, throw a game-changing INT that the Falcons or the Cowboys will take advantage of and go on to advance to Super Bowl XLV.

* Are we that surprised over Mel Gibson's released racist and misogynist rants to his ex-girlfriend? I mean, the guy did go on an anti-Semetic rant on the Jewish people back in 2007...doesn't that tell you that he's a hateful person, although excellent film director and actor he may have been? The man has been battling alcohol abuse in his private life...should that tell you something about the man who gave us Mad Max, Braveheart, and The Passion of the Christ? Let's not act so shocked that Gibson has been exposed as a man with racial issues and a drinking problem to boot...again.

* Can the assholes in life stop picking on the so-called "outcasts"? If Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Cera aren't examples enough that the losers, nerds, and the other kids that weren't cool in high school always get the money, the respect, the admiration, and the girls in the grand scheme of things, then add to the list, beating hate pastor Fred Phelps and his "God Hate Fags!" tour, at their own game when they came to town at the annual San Diego Comic-Con last week. Instead being prepared to chant "God Hates Dorks Wearing Star Wars gear!", attendees counter-protested the small group of hate-mongers. I'll let the following pictures tell the story:

Bottom line: start being nicer to the least among you in Math class, because the dork with the coke-bottle glasses and a vast knowledge of all things happening in anime, may be your boss in 15 years.


et said...

"Whinging," Ralph? Are you a Brit? Or just bad at spelling?

@ Jonathan, I missed some Jehovah's Witnesses earlier this week. Really, REALLY wished I hadn't. I'm dying to ask them if they've heard the good news about Osiris!

et said...

By the way, Ralph, you DO know that it's only a matter of time before I delete you?

Oh. Good. Because I will. Just as soon as I've determined that you've made a sufficient fool of yourself.

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