Sunday, July 4, 2010

Indpendence Day With The Freepers

Ok this actually comes from FSTDT but it's taken from freeptardville

Many people - my self included - used to be very tolerant of homosexuals - I knew it was disgusting and weird and sinful, but had a “live and let live” attitude. I worked with one, had a friendly relationship, I figured his life was his business. (I was also accosted twice by homosexuals and the experience was utterly repellent and disgusting, but I did not hate the individuals. I just said “NO!!!!” very emphatically.)

Until the mid 1980s, when I learned about the homosexual agenda. I started reading books, researching, and learned from others via newsletters and so on. And everything I feared has come to pass.

The homosexual agenda is pushing and promoting via the courts and legislation “Homo-Leninism” - forcing people against their will and against their moral values - to hire, associate with, allow fostering and adoptions, marriage and so on - homosexuals. Hate speech is against the law - many places you cannot say anything even “homosexuality is dangerous for the health” or “homosexuality is condemned in all the scriptures of the world”. Children are force-fed “gay is good” in schools and clubs.

Ever seen footage or photos of “Gay Pride” parades? There are some on FR - just yesterday or the day before. You think that should be on teh public streets? Sodomy in public? You think the promotion - by law - of homosexual depravity is equivalent to people eating too much or arrogance?

Do you see “Gluttony Pride” or “Adultery Pride” or “Lying Pride” parades? No? Are there hate speech laws or “senstivity training” about overeating? Mrs. 0thugga has a campaign against over eating - aka gluttony - so it’s okay to condemn that behavior. There are laws against muder, rape, slander - but homosexual behavior and those who practice and promote it have special protection under the law, to the extent that our freedoms such as freedom of speech, religion, and association are getting torn to shreds.

little jeremiah, Free Republic 42 Comments [7/4/2010 10:48:25 AM]
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Did anybody else read this...

(I was also accosted twice by homosexuals and the experience was utterly repellent and disgusting, but I did not hate the individuals. I just said “NO!!!!” very emphatically.)

And translated it as ( I approached two other people of the same sex and when they just said no!!!! very emphatically I became a repressed homosexual)


et said...

In a word...projection.

theroachman said...

sad unhappy people.

I can submit a 4th of July rant/observation too...

It rained like crazy last evening, thunder and lightning lit up the sky but did that stop the real American's?

Stupid nuts were out there in force. Lighting illegal fireworks into the night sky. It was kind of sureal seeing streakes of lighting dancing across the sky then towards the ground, while red, white and blue fireworks exploded closer to the ground though out my less then affluant suburban neighborhood to be followed by heart pounding smacks of thunder rolling long after the smell of ozone has faded and then followed by claps of gunpowder. The smell of sulfer is not a plesant as the fresh air left behind by mother nature.

Stuck in the back of large SUVs and smugled from behind the Repulican stronghold boarders of Wyoming. Risking life and property with poorly regulated manufaturing practices thus completely unsafe fireworks these less then bright Americans show their pride on the 4th.
At least the rain kept their's and their nieghbors homes from burning down. No homes destroyed this year... so far. Today is a beutiful day. Perfect for a fireworks show.

Me and the kids are going to a profesional one up at the shopping mall. Now thats really American.


I live in one of those forest fire prone areas thus fireworks are illegal, duh!

Anonymous said...

It rained here yesterday quite hard during the day and just like Colorado it stopped nobody. They were out in the rain lighting fire crackers.

By Night it have cleared off and I swear it was the loudest 4th I can remember.

Anonymous said...

It have? Been reading too many Laker fan posts.

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