Saturday, July 17, 2010

One of Ralphie's Favorites

OK - we all know that our good friend Ralph has some whacked-out viewpoints. But I followed one of his photo sources, and I have to say I'm not surprised by what I found. Explore for yourselves, by all means, but I'll excerpt some of the choicest bits here.
The main goal of liberalism is to take away individual rights.
Ah, yes. Of course it is. That's why the GOP is so intent on enshrining specific religious and sociopolitical behaviors - consider the abortion issue, for one - in Federal law. Because you know that mandatory behavior is what the Founders would have wanted.
They want the people to become dependent upon a government, made up of a few privileged liberals. Once the population becomes dependent on the government for its basic needs, they will need to keep the socialist government in power, because they no longer have the means, nor the will to take care of themselves.
How much do you want to bet that the writer of this post will defend to his last breath his entitlement to Social Security and Medicare benefits? You know, those things for which he is Dependent On Government? It astonishes me how the GOP persists in making Government the enemy. As if having any kind of a structure at all is de facto wrong.
As strange as it may seem, socialists don't want the masses to have wealth, because that would equate to having power, and only the liberal elitists should have power. Their goal is to take from the rich and keep it for themselves until there are no rich, only the impoverished fighting amongst themselves.
OK, here we go. Classic GOP playbook. Prey off the have-nots who are desperate to preserve their dream of having-it-all, rather than embracing general equity, a leveling of the playing field, and the good health of the middle class. I have news for them. Your Corporate Overlords are the ones who don't want the masses to have wealth, or even for that matter fiscal stability. Read my lips. Corporations are NOT your friends. They are the ones hoarding power and influence and keeping you down, not the phantom "liberals" you like to demonize. You are already "the impoverished fighting amongst themselves," except you are targeting the wrong adversary. You've been classically duped.
The reason they will never win is due to a little thing called the United States Constitution. Yes, they have warped its meaning through corrupt and misguided judges. They have hid their true agenda behind its protections. However, the beauty of the Constitution is that it is written in very plain and direct language. Although, they have tried, they can not overcome the main defense mechanism of the Constitution, the Second Amendment.
Of course. How could we not have seen this coming? It's all down to the guns. Jeebus.
It is much easier to be lazy and dependent, than risk hard work, effort and money for a better life. However, there is no reward for laziness. Thus, liberals and their followers are never happy and never can understand why. By the way, liberals have called themselves by many different names over the ages: communists, socialists, progressives, greens, etc. They all have the common goal of tyranny over the masses by a privileged few.
Isn't it funny how this guy keeps going back to this meme of tyranny by the privileged over the hoi polloi? Has he really SEEN who make up the progressive factions and the green parties and the abhorred liberals in this nation? They are so NOT the plutocracy. That's the realm of the Wall Street fat cats, lobbyists, oil guys and such - Republicans to a man. But his point of view wants desperately to have it both ways. In his worldview, the progressives are the wealthy elites, but they're also the champions of laziness and dependence. They're the snobs at the same time as they're the rabble. Dude, make up your so-called mind! Your cognitive dissonance is all over the map right now.
The question for you is this: Are you going to be part of an unthinking mob driven by emotion or are you going to be an intelligent individual who values life and the pursuit of happiness?
TLG Guy has a good point in this statement. Unfortunately, his interpretation is bass ackwards.

Anyway. It says a world about Ralphie that this is one of his go-to sites for graphics. And we owe it to the Count to keep this place lively while he's snooping on Caribou Barbie up in Alaska....


RalphyFan said...

Anonymous, if you think you can spew your idiocy unimpeded just because the Count is on vacation, think again.

Jonathan said...

What was he blubbering about this time?

et said...

Oh, the usual. Beating his chest with misplaced redneck pride and calling all liberals girlie-men, essentially. He should be grateful we're sparing the blogosphere his drivel.

Anonymous said...

Ralphy's campaign site needs updating... He sounds more like a candidate every day.

et said...

I know, I know. Maybe we'll all have fresh inspiration on our side after the midterms. Then Ralph can really go to town!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, he's on a roll today!

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