Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Is Back

Honestly since he hadn't posted in ages and since judging by his picture he's about 97 years old I thought the Grim Reaper may have claimed yet another soul for Cerberus to keep close guard over. But alas he is a live and he's even made himself a new friend "Corey"

corey barrett
tell cnn to stop reporting a story? really?

I've been on the fence on the "controversy". Is there really anything behind it? Honestly, I was leaning towards "No", there really wasn't much too it. But now that ColorofChange says there is nothing to it, I'm pretty positive that there probably is something to this. Thanks Van

Ellen, do you have any evidence that CNN has NOT done any real reporting on this case. Honestly, I don't see CNN echoing Fox unless they had some evidence to back it up, or at least some pretty strong evidence to back up their reporting.

And What exactly is "Real Reporting"? Would that be reporting that presents the facts, or just reporting that agrees with you?

Ah Aria Baby, when have I ever said that I am the only person on here who is capable of of being fair to both sides?

And "show us your idea of journalism backing yourself up?" What the hell does that even mean?

As for badmouthing Ellen, I really don't think that's what I'm doing. Ellen made a comment that CNN was echoing Fox and didn't do any "real reporting", and I responded "Ellen, do you have any evidence that CNN has NOT done any real reporting on this case" That's Badmouthing? I think we all need to pool our money and get Aria a dictionary.

"Oh, and while your at it, how about you also provide a credible case for your assertion that Van Jones taking an interest in the level of race-baiting included in the media coverage somehow adds credence to the accusation?" Well, let me put it this way. If someone out there made an Accusation about.... really I guess just about anything, and you weren't sure if it was right or wrong, and then Glenn Beck came out and said "Oh, it's definately the truth, would you in your heart automatically know it wasn't true. Well Ditto on Van.

One last thing: Fox/CNN reporting on this story is "Race-Baiting", huh? Then what is calling for the killing of "Cracker Babies"?

corey barrett
Prove CNN is not doing any "real" reporting.

Funny how the Foxbots suddenly love CNN.

corey barrett
Why should I have to prove it? You guys made the accusation. Didnt you guys say the burden of proof was on FOX to prove the allegations against the DOJ?

Prove your allegation.

corey barrett
She has NO PROOF that CNN is not doing their own reporting. Absolutely NO PROOF AT ALL. At what point do I have to prove that a news organization is doing its own reporting? Thats just idiotic.

You and Ellen are mad because the story you dont want anyone talking about is being talked about. And not just by the right-wing "nuts" anymore. You guys have gotten so scared of this thing that you are signing petitions to get CNN to stop reporting on it. How insane is that?

So Corey (and me too I guess) have to prove our accusations, but Ellen, who made her accusation first, doesn't have to prove it.

Get it straight Aria. First Fox had to prove thier accusation because they made it first, and you and the others asked them to back it up.

But if the liberal makes the accusation first, and the conservative asks them to prove it, then the person asking the person who made the accusation is now required to prove it.

Boy, and I thought it was hard enough playing games with my four-year-old nephew because he changes the rules a dozen times during the middle of the game. Looks like je has a promising future as a liberal pundit.

Aria, you are asking me to PROVE that CNN is investigating this story? Sure, I could make a comment about what a brain-dead asinine suggestion that is, but I'm going to let your challenge go out. Oh, it will go out unchallenged, because of course there is no way for me, Corey or any other person not associated with CNN to "prove" anything, just as there is no way anyone at Media Matters, MSNBC, Newshounds or any other organization can prove that CNN is not doing any investigation.

Oh sure, there's common sense, but since when have we ever let that get in the way of the "Facts" that are presented here at Newshounds.

Sure, there's the fact that one news organization that basically presents an opposite model of the other is reporting a story that, if in fact they haven't checked into, means that they are freely giving thier competition even more credibility. Hey, that happens all the time.

But Aria, I'm going to let your chalenge stand, because now you have set a new standard for From this point forward, no one can make ANY statement unless they themselves can personally, 100%, PROVE IT.

corey barrett
They cant do that Bob. They'd have to shut the site down.

I'm sorry Visitor, I wasn't aware that you were a senior producer at CNN and were aware of exactly what they were and were not investigating.

If you are so thick to think that a major news organization would "echo" what another organization was saying without taking any effort to verify those facts, then you are..... No, you really are that dumb.

Seriously guys, I am not saying that Fox is 100% right on this, or even 50% right, but the way you folks report it is that anything Fox says... and now I guess CNN says, is 100% false. And your proof? See, that's the rub, you have no proof, it's just more "I don't like what you are saying so I'm taking my ball and heading home" bullshit.

But hey, if we don't like the message, lets see if we can intimidate them into shutting up. Hmm, It seems like you guys did learn something from the panthers afterall, didn't you?

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