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Jeremiah Expounds on Advertising

You know, I was starting to worry about Jeremiah. Perhaps he had collapsed under the weight of all those (nonexistent) posts people were leaving on his conservatista screed? Or the birds he seems to comment on, in those rare human moments he evinces, may have objected to being binocular-stalked by such a creep and enacted their Hitchcockian revenge scenario? But he's finally back after a long dry spell, and it's a billboard campaign on the sacred ground named for Billy Graham that is the object of his ire...

Atheists put billboard on Billy Graham Parkway (OneNewsNow.Com)

CHARLOTTE, NC - A statewide coalition of atheists and agnostics has placed billboards in six North Carolina cities, including one along the Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte.

That sign, according to The Charlotte Observer, pictures an American flag and the words "One Nation Indivisible" -- omitting the words "Under God," which were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954.

Of course, if a Christian group were to erect a cross beside one of the billboards, the atheists would demand that it be removed.
Actually, Jer, the billboard company would probably demand that it be removed. They're the ones who have an agreement with the landowner to erect the billboard, not your hypothetical cross-building trespassers. You want a rebuttal? Buy your own billboard placement. I'm pretty sure Christ wouldn't have endorsed vandalism. Even though the crowd you ostensibly run with seems to think it's a solution.
I don't know about you, but I thank God for our country and the godly, Christian men and women who founded it.
Oh boy. Here we go. Ever read up on Deism, Jeremiah? Most of those founders - Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison - held Deist beliefs. Their supreme being created the universe and then essentially recused him/herself, leaving natural laws to be the default operating system. Educate thyself here and get somebody to help you with the big words you may not understand.

I think the bit about how strongly Jefferson was opposed as a candidate by clergymen speaks pretty directly to his beliefs being anything but the "godly, Christian" ideal you have in mind. Bear in mind that he drafted the Declaration. You know - about as founding a document as you can get.
Man had, and has no say in the founding of our nation. It was entirely a process directed by God Himself.
(Assuming the tone of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler) Really? Nothing to do with us humans. All God's doing. Really, Jer? Really??

This is so nakedly ridiculous and lacking in even a semblance of documented justification that I am literally speechless.


Except for these two queries. One, if this was what God Had In Mind All Along, why isn't there a book in the Bible about America? (And don't do me a "Book of Mormon" tap-dance, here - that's a whole other bowl of Jell-O...) And, two, what was God up to before 1954 and the relatively late addition of "Under God" to the Pledge?...under pressure from the Knights of Columbus and during the McCarthyist communism frenzy, if I remember correctly. Was he playing tiddlywinks with an alternate universe somewhere? Getting together with Buddha, Allah and Zeus for boys' night out at poker? Grazing cows on the Milky Way? That Jeremiah can't answer either of these questions with anything but non sequiturs tells you everything you need to know about his ham-handed attempts to try to join government and religion at the hip. All rhetoric, no substance. He's a one-man "Christian" Taliban.
John Adams said...

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
John Adams was also a Unitarian and espoused a number of Deist principles, including a conviction that God did not intervene in individuals' affairs and excluding the notion of the divinity of Christ. I feel reasonably sure that he would be horrified at your attempt to co-opt his statement and pretzel it into your Bible-thumping totalitarian vision for national government and, indeed, the whole world.
And that meant that our Founding Fathers who created the document were a God-fearing people, and that the people must likewise be God-fearing people to keep voting God-fearing people into office.
Er, no. It meant that the Founding Fathers had a much more common-sense approach to life and much more of an Enlightenment sensibility than you have ever or will ever have, Jer. Adams eschewed fear as a basis for faith in favor of the preeminence of the human conscience. You exhibit exactly the "spirit of dogmatism and bigotry" that Adams would have loathed. Read up on the man on the Unitarian Universalist Association's web site.
So, I'm not about to change to suit the wishes of unbelievers to try and force me to think otherwise. They are more than welcome to change their way of thinking, and it would better for them if they did change to the Truth.
Oh, how ever shall I sleep soundly at night, knowing that Jeremiah continues on his unblinkingly ignorant, smug, intolerant and closed-minded path through existence??

Actually, now that I think on it...without a whole lot of difficulty.

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Anonymous said...

Man had, and has no say in the founding of our nation. It was entirely a process directed by God Himself.


That is FSTDT worthy.

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