Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The least little thing gives them orgasms...

Lanny Davis was on all the networks, giving the same spin and got shot down every time. How does the guy live with himself?
Rookie | Homepage | 03.25.08 - 11:02 pm | #

When John McCain had his Iran/Al Qaeda training mistake O'Reilly did not do a TPM on it, did not make it the lead story, did not discuss it for an entire segment after the TPM, and did not spend half the rest of the show talking about it.

That is just what it was. A mistake. Not an out and out lie like Mr's Clinton. Also did anyone notice that while Davis was reading from some newspaper report about Mrs. Clinton being flown in on helicopter there was video of her and Chelsea living what appeared to be a very large aircraft. No one "mispeaks" about getting shot at. She is a liar.
Get Real | 03.26.08 - 8:31 am | #

President McCain.

Get used to it.

Too funny. The democrat primary has set the party back. This should be the easiest cake walk to Pennsylvania Avenue ever. Instead........
ok then | 03.26.08 - 8:31 am | #

"Look At The Left Twist On This One. It's About The Mistake = LIE That HRC Threw Out From A Rehearsed Speech And They Try To Turn It On Someone Else For Reporting It."
Cunfused Leftious Say | 03.26.08 - 8:34 am | #

Let's Recap

Hillary Lied About Campaign Contributions.

Hillary Lied About Sniper Fire In Bosnia.

Hillary Lied About Bills' Affairs.

There I Think We Have The Idea Here.
Cunfused Leftious Say | 03.26.08 - 8:39 am | #

They are so exciteable,these wingnuts. The least little thing done by a Democrat sends them into paroxysms of extacy. McCain must be so boring,he can't even give them a hardon when he flubs something.


Anonymous said...

ok then | 03.26.08 - 8:31 am | #

Don't leave me hanging. What was the punchline?

et said...

Here's a little something for the trolls who are convinced that McCain is this year's Oksana Baiul.

Yakki.Psd said...


MLP said...

This 'Confused' guy feels a lot like Truthy.
But whoever is moderating the Bozell thread says:
"Cunfused Leftious Say = Poll Position = Typical White Man = You Losers. Deleted by Guest Mod. Please ignore any further posts by this person."

I still think it's truthy.

Yakki.Psd said...

Bob,excuse me but:

Keep wishing.

godzilla104 said...

Here's a clue Ranger. You actually have to have an education to teach anything.

That excludes you right there.

Another lesson for the Ranger.

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