Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alfalfa Continues Clueless

I don't find this poll surprising at all. Regardless of how many primaries he's won Barack Obama is not a mainstream Democrat. Mainstream Democrats have views that aren't so far to the left that they refuse to even consider that a Republican might have some good ideas too. Barack Obama appeals to a younger,more radical Democrat,the kind of Democrat who thinks the reason he's got no money is because some Republican cheated him out of it and who wouldn't hesitate in marching those "rich" Republicans off to Gulags in the desert if he thought he could get away with it. And that's why if Obama gets nominated you're going to see a number of older Democrats voting for John McCain.They know all these younger Obama Democrats are a bunch of naive little children with weird Marxist worldviews that, if they were ever implemented, would destroy this country in ways that could never be repaired.

Posted by: Alfalfa on Wed 3.26 7:53pm

Oh no! Be sure to be afraid of those radical younguns, now.


Yakki.Psd said...


Yeah,what a dumbfuck. As if I'm a Marxist because I support Obama.

Problem is,he's typical of the wingnuts. They're trying to pin any kind of smear on Obama supporters,because they can't stop him over being black.

Adn that's all it is. THey can't stand the fact that a black man is heading to be the next pres.

Anonymous said...

Again Alfie know more about us than we do. Amazing.

et said...

Funny how all those Democrats he claims have no money have catapulted Obama to record fundraising numbers, for any Presidential candidate of either party. Nice trick, that.

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