Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lynn Braddy Cries For Sarah Palin

Sarah lost her gig today at Fox News. Yes she still has a few sycophants: This quote is from Lynn Braddy 

Lib, Robert Costa, is saying she’s mostly living in her 1.6 million mansion in Scottsdale. That has a good view of all the ILLEGAL ALIENS.

You might remember Lynn from such brilliant pondering as...

Oh by the way all the people in Massachusetts are liberals, just sayin. 


Crisis in Libya and Egypt, Obama in Vegas with the 1%, partying.

Well to sum up, Palin hit the nail on the head, Obama’s goose is cooked. Thanks Newshounds for not cutting me off. I’ll be back when SCOTUS declares Obamacare unconstitutional 
 On an related note Scott Brown ( Remember him?) has been drinking and tweeting.

    whatever bud
  2. Heading to see Ayla@AylaBrown perform at her second sold out show. Glad she does not askMom and Dad for money. Finally!!!!

    This man served in our government. 

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