Friday, January 11, 2013

Divisional Playoffs

It's The Baltimore Ravens vs The Denver Broncos And San Francisco 49ers Vs Green Bay Packers. no helmets because they clutter the page :) But all thoughts on the games go here...

So far through one half of the Broncos Ravens game this is already better than anything we saw last week. Great game.

The officiating in this game has been awful. Not one-sided towards Denver yet like I feared but awful none the less.

Also Gumbel and Dildorf. WE GET IT! IT'S COLD. But near as I can tell the wind is not blowing that hard and believe it or not the game has been played in much colder weather than this.

Yeah that made for last weeks stinkers big time. In the end Baltimore didn't have to but I don't get why neither coach let their QB's win the game. That overtime looked like a game coached between John Fox and Jim Caldwell.

It's no secret I am not as much an Erin Andrews person as most  male sports fans and the fact that she is wearing a Siberian overcoat and scarf for the second week in a row while working a football game in 50 degree temperatures isn't helping. 

So glad the option can't work in the NFL  

It's OK Green Bay trophies are people with self-esteem issues.

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