Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Final Score

45 31

 Hugely proud of the effort. Georgia was the better team and Nebraska had to be perfect. They were not. Still love my Huskers.

Anyway To make myself feel better here's a link to my favorite section in My Binder 

Credit as always goes to the great Yoga Frog.

Update from The Count : No Georgia fans I am not judging you all by G-Dawg but just in case you haven't met G-Dawg or forgotten him ...Get To Know G-Dawg 

G-Dawgs comment is gone if he comes back I'll erase his comments on sight.


Anonymous said...

Wow it's been what 5 years since I've heard from this retard?

ET said...

Those prehistoric trolls are tough to eradicate. Is there such a thing as online DDT?

Anonymous said...

You boys simply can't handle a great SEC team sport!
G-Dawg: "
You boys simply can't handle a great SEC team sport!"

National Championships
Nebraska 5
Georgia 1.

Very true ET. Very True.

YogaFrog said...

Thanks Count!

I'm anxiously awaiting her return from maternity leave...

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