Friday, December 16, 2011

The New Newshounds

Ok remember the bad old days when I would say something here remotely negative about Newshounds and then the trolls would read it cherry pick sentences? Or they would combine them with other sentences and come up with something to completely change what I said or come up with something that I never said at all? Then of course I would make matters all that much worse by getting mad at Chrish or Ellen because of it and acted like a complete shitfuck.See that last sentence? It's the truth and it's an insult directed towards myself. In the bad old days that sentence would end up at newshounds as "The Count is pissed says Chrish and Ellen are acting like complete shitfucks." See how the trolls had fun with words? NOW let me be clear right now. Read this blog and you'll see plenty of insults directed towards those women. They are juvenile and idiotic. When I read them now I'd like to find the person who wrote them and (me) and kick him right square in the Jimmies. All that being said...

Newshounds has a brand new look. New host, new layout new comment system new everything.And no doubt it's cleaner and better looking than that yellow page I've come to know and love. However the truth is I don't care for it. Maybe it's just because I dislike change and right now I am not comfortable with it. I am sure in time just before they change it again I will come to love it. BUT I already miss the like button and the reply button. The new board just doesn't have the same feel and atmosphere (if it's possible for a website to have such things) as trusty old Yeller. We all have those old clothes that should have been thrown out long ago that are just too damned comfortable to part with. That was the old Newshounds board.

Now I change the look of this place a few times a year. You get sick at looking at the same damned  layout over and over again. I get that. Plus the people over there (its not just women anymore) still do a fantastic job of monitoring Fox News. I'll get used to this new Newshounds but it will take time. I just hope this time I don't do or say something that makes me look like a shitfuck again! 

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ET said...

I tend to agree, Count. Change is good and we all should learn to better embrace it...but it's like having a new piece of furniture in the room. You tiptoe around it, wary of "spoiling" its pristine looks and new-thing smell, when what you really want to do is plop yourself down on your old, familiar, raggedy sofa with a few old friends and gossip.

I've only been there once so far, and no doubt over the break will have a little more time to drop in and see what's up with the new digs...but it will indeed take time.

Hoping to spend more time in this sandbox than lately, too, now that the day job is a done deal.

Cheers and happy holidays (yes, trolls, I said that just as extra War-on-Christmas fodder for you),

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