Saturday, December 31, 2011

Banned And Dangerous Is 5 Years Old!

Happy Birthday To...US! Banned And Dangerous Opened As Ranger Bob And Friends Blog Spot on December 31st 2006. The original purpose of this lonely slice of these Inner-webs was to post the wacky, insane, scary and sometimes mean ramblings of Conservative trolls on Newshounds.  It's has truly been a riot. of course today the place as slowed down. Moderation changes on Newshounds have filtered most of the troll quotes. Today the best quality posts (some would say the only quality post) come from the Wonderful Jonathan Holmes and Ralphy Fan (ET). Thank you very much to both of them! Also Yakki and John T have contributed through the past 5 years. Thank You to both of those fine gentlemen! Also thank you to all of the readers and commentators even Ranger and Bob P. All of you keep this place going. If you've come here to comment in any fashion even if it's just to disrupt and make asses of yourself. Now for your "enjoyment" the first ever post left here 5 years ago today...

I hate to burst all of your bubbles but you leftist schmucks didn't win anything
last November. The Democrats won and you aren't Democrats. Sure you might call
yourself Democrats but in reality you're just a bunch of leftist schmucks. You
won nothing. Ned Lamont lost. Tammy Duckworth lost. In fact the whole entire
"Let's Lynch George W. Bush " crowd lost. You schmucks on this board are nothing
but a shrill and vocal minority who have nobody looking out for you in
Washington. There will be no impeachment. There will be no surrender in the war
on terrorism. None of the things you powerless leftists morons wish for will
come to pass in the next two years. You're the useful idiots Lenin wrote about
and you're all too fucking stupid to even realize it. In closing I only have
this to say. I hope at least one of you America hating scumbags gets yourself killed by a drunk driver tonight. And I mean that most sincerely. And I hope when it happens you bleed for a long time before you finally gasp that final breath. Fuck all of you leftist bastards each and every one.

Chinaskee 12.31.06
  Happy 2012 To All Of You From Me! And Again Thank You!

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