Friday, December 30, 2011

Linda Jayne Loves Her Some Tim Tebow Hates Her Some Bill Maher.

Priscilla speaks, derisively, of what she believes to be non-tolerance by Christians. Honey, you bet we’re not tolerant of abject blasphemy – and I don’t hear your tolerance toward Christians. Why not let the Christians alone and keep your iconoclastic drivel to yourself? When we defend ourselves we are intolerant – when atheists attack us and we have answers, you call us intolerant. Do you not see the dichotomy in your remarks? Maher is offal-brained. No matter what your belief, he was out of line. If he had attacked Muslims, Muslims, you wouldn’t be slobbering over him, would you? My guess? He would be off the air anyway – so you “wouldn’t have to” defend him.

UPDATE Priscilla has a beautiful comeback for Linda:

Uh, Linda, sweetie, Maher is very critical of Islam as he is of all organized religions. It’s his “schtick.” You obviously don’t watch his show; but rather take your information from Fox “News.” Note Bene that Maher’s comment was a tweet which went out to only those who read it. It wasn’t said on his show. You obviously don’t read News Hounds, as I have admitted that Maher, on HIS SHOW, can indulge in some misogynistic humor. So no, I don’t “slobber” all over him. I merely point out the hypocrisy of Fox which has no problem demonizing lots of folks on a national “news” network.

And if by “defending yourselves,” you mean the kind of hatred that comes from the homophobic, anti-choice Christian right (some of it directed against “apostate” liberal Christian churches), for which Fox News provides a mouthpiece, I stand by my accusation of intolerance. While Maher is a satirist, you guys are serious and have a national “news” network in your pocket. And therein lies the difference.

Very Truly Yours,
News Hounds Priscilla

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