Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Just A Little Wop Isn't Going To Buy You're Way Out Of This Joe.

I Know Nothing!

Saint Joe Paterno retired today as a horrid sex scandal brings down Penn State University. Joe for is part wasn't a part of the act of raping 10 year old boys himself but he did almost nothing to bring it to the attention of the authorities. The question now is does Saint Joe survive the rest of the year before he retires? 1000's of idiot Penn State students marched on his lawn in support of the coach sending the message loud and clear that pedophilia is fine and dandy at their college as long as they're winning games. Now we know what becomes of the children of people like Blackflon and his little Iowa buddy they go to Penn State and cheer on enablers to unspeakable acts. As somebody who never did think Joe Paterno was all that damned classy to begin with as horrible as I feel for the victims, the real victims not Joe, I am enjoying just a little the vindication. Even though I never thought Joe was half the hero he snookered others into believing he was even I didn't think he was this much a choad.

Update: Joe Paterno is out as head coach of Penn State University. 

With all the support the child rapists apologists are getting tonight at Penn State you should rename it Blackflon University. 

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