Friday, November 11, 2011

Conservatives honor women much more than liberals. Blah Blah Blah

From Think Progress

John-Amy Long
Don't buy it. Conservatives honor women much more than liberals. In fact, conservatives are much more honorable people in general than liberals. Just take a look at the crowd at a Democratic convention--they look like slobs and drug addicts. One of the main tenets of liberals these days is more handouts from the government, and conservatives are conversely hardworking and self-sufficient people. Also, the liberals are always the ones trash-talking conservatives online. Just check it for yourselves. And sometimes I get tired of it and have to go online and defend the honorable ones...although the character of good people speaks for itself regardless of the horrible, twisted things people say. Done trying to speak logic here, it is not understood.
No one forces anyone into being a human incubator. Get real. That is a choice each person makes. I don't believe anything that strips away human rights, except when those rights infringe on other human rights. And human rights should apply to all humans, born and unborn.


Again, there are hypocrites out there. I have never said that all conservatives are right, just conservative principles. And if saying that unborn people should have rights too is a blanketed statement, then I will specify and say they should not be harmed in any way, just as you would not want to be harmed if it were you. And where did you get the idea that people with wrong ideas could not serve honorably in the military? I served honorably in the Army, not that it is a validation of my beliefs.

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