Monday, October 15, 2012


Let me state this for the record: that has to be the single-worst Chargers game I've ever seen. There are no words to even describe what just happened tonight, except the following: AJ Smith has to fire Norv Turner by the end of the Bye week. Then, once the season ends, Dean Spanos has to fire AJ, if he wants to get in the good graces of many Chargers fans come 2013.

Edit From The Count: I have never been a fan of Norval and quite frankly when they fired Marty and hired him it reminded me of when Nebraska fired Frank Solich and hired Bill Callahan. So whether or not he should be fired at the bye week? I don't know I'll go with Mr. Brown on that one. But one thing I do know. It was a meltdown. I mean it was a Michelle Malkin, Zell Miller on Hardball meltdown. How many turnovers did Rivers have in the second half? 20? Sometimes as fans we overstate things I can tell you as an outside observer this really was that bad. And the worst part if the whole thing? Having to hear Jon Gruden talk about the special feeling Peyton Manning gave him. Yes Jon Gruden really did say Peyton Manning gave him a "special feeling". And it wasn't like Manning really did all that much. The Chargers handed him and his Broncos this game on a silver platter, then tucked his napkin in his shirt for him and fed the win to him on a spoon.

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