Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colin Powell Backs Obama, John McCain Loses It

The news story today:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term Thursday.
"You know, I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012, and I'll be voting for he and Vice President Joe Biden next month," he said on CBS' "This Morning."
Asked whether it was an endorsement, he said, "Yes."
Powell praised the president's handling of the economy and ending of the Iraq War.
"I think we ought to keep on the track we are on," he said.
Powell said he had the "utmost respect" for Mitt Romney, but criticized his tax plan.
He said Romney's foreign policy was a "moving target." "One day he has a certain strong view about staying in Afghanistan, but then on Monday night he agrees with the withdrawal. Same thing in Iraq. On every issue that was discussed on Monday night, Gov. Romney agreed with the president with some nuances. But this is quite a different set of foreign policy views than he had earlier in the campaign."
John McCain didn't take the news too well, telling Fox News that the decorated soldier/former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had tarnished his legacy by endorsing Obama.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) ripped Colin Powell for endorsing President Obama again, saying the former Secretary of State had “harmed” his legacy by doing so.
“General Powell, you disappoint us and you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what is clearly the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime,” McCain said Thursday on the Kilmeade and Friends radio program. 
Really? This coming from the man who picked an unprepared nitwit as his running mate four years ago, and had the campaign devolve into dog-whistling politics the last leg of the race? Please, Senator, you have no leg to stand on here.

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Anonymous said...

He's still bitter that feckless SOB wiped the floor with his old ass.

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