Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let the the Skyfall/Song of the Night

In just under two hours, British soul singer Adele will drop the theme song to the new 007 flick, Skyfall, titled....well, "Skyfall". Fortunately, there's a 90-second teaser that's just been released, and all I can say is the following:


Don't just take my word for it - have a listen for yourself.

Late Edit:: Here's the full version of the song.

Also: (for anyone who cares): my take on the song and my general feelings on songs being used in film can be found here over at Mr. Brown Verses.


Anonymous said...

Much better than QOS Theme.

Mr. Brown said...

"Another Way to Die" wasn't a bad song, it just wasn't a Bond theme at all.

Anonymous said...

I know these things are a matter of taste but to these ears Another Way To Die didn't qualify as a song. It wasn't music.

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