Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Member Of The Party Of Responsiblity Refuses To Take Any

Tom Swift commented 4 hours ago · Flag
Wow, I ask four questions and quote one example, no insults, no accusations, no assumption of motive or character; and this is the response? I get called a troll, denigrated, and to paraphrase a tool of the right. Hard to have a civil discussion here. To rephrase my questions in case it was not understood, how is a website that is open to comments responsible for the postings? A website has only three choices when posting a report or article. 1) No comments accepted. 2) Censor or ban the comments. 3) Accept all comments. My choice is either 1 or 3. If you open the site for comments you are obligated to accept all, good or bad. It seems no one likes free speech except their own.
To make blanket assumptions or make inferences about a website based on an individual’s comment is not intellectually honest. As a thought experiment, I could propose that the writer of that comment was of the “left” persuasion posting it to be used as proof of intolerance on the “right”, and it couldn’t be proven otherwise.
If you think a website should censor comments fine, but then don’t complain when comments you feel should be posted get cut.

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