Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Vancouver?

Funny almost none of these idiots look either Black, Muslim or Mexican.

I guess this also happened in 1994. Sad. A big part of the problem is that when the riot started it was only 8:20 at night. The fucking morons had a lot of time to destroy the city all in the name of losing the Stanley Cup.

I want to comment on a few things I have heard: These are not fans but hooligans and thugs who would riot given any reason. Partly but not totally true. Many of these folks were wearing Canucks clothing and chanting Bruins suck. How were they not fans?

Alcohol has nothing to do with it: So completely false that just saying false isn't enough. Of course it has to do with Alcohol. These fools have been drinking all day according the bar owners and liquor store owners who liquored these fools up.

This is a small segment of people in Vancouver they do not represent the city of Vancouver: Absolutely true. This is always true. Even the shitheads who riot in Los Angeles are bigger shitheads than your average shithead who lives in LA. The difference is LA sucks Vancouver does not. The damage these fucking morons are doing to that beautiful city is just sad and pathetic. Why because you lost a game. And let's be clear you weren't screwed out of the Stanley Cup you got beat. In the 4 games you lost including the last 2 games when you had a 3-2 lead you got blasted. But hey overturn some cars and burn down some businesses that will make it all better. Yes we do this in America, though Dallas earlier this week was for the most part calm as is Boston tonight but I thought Vancouver was better than this. That's a great city going up in smoke tonight and a damned shame.


et said...

Word in the local media is that these punks came with their Molotov cocktails and other such paraphernalia from the beginning...with 100,000+ people stuffed into a few blocks of downtown streets, there's no way they could have gotten out and prepped midstream, once the game started to go south. So the likelihood is that they would have stirred up shit like this whatever the outcome had been.

As for alcohol, duh, of course it was a factor. There's a reason that the (largely government-run) liquor stores closed early today. But the plain fact of the matter is, of course, if you're going to get wasted you will find a way.

I think it's a great shame given that the Winter Games showed so much of the best of Canada, and now this is going to be the next prevailing image of one of my favorite West Coast cities.

No mayhem to report locally, thankfully.

et said...

I hear that the locals were out in force early the day after, taking time off work to get out in the streets and clean up the hooligans' mess. That sounds more like the Vancouver I know.

We will be across on a 2-night overnight next weekend. I'll let you know what we find.

Count Istvan said...

sounds good :)

et said...

This article at Common Dreams gets it exactly right.

Count Istvan said...

How are anarchist far "left" loons? Anarchist by their definition are neither left nor right they don't believe in any government.

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