Monday, June 13, 2011

2012 Republican Presidential Debate.

I am not watching it, ET if you did please fill us in on the mayhem. Anyway here are some comments from people The Count Follows on Twitter.

Herman Cain doesn't have a plan or really an idea.He'll hire the right people to tell him what to do but he's not really sure how to do that

Looks like the only person of color invited to it's debate is the one black man on stage.

GOP: "We don't like Gays, Muslims, Immigrants, Government, etc., but we LOVE America." What?

Romney was pro choice before he was against it. Oh, same for Obamacare. Mitt is a rock!

GOP: Gay people don't get killed in combat as well as straight people. & their gayness is contagious!

Giada De Laurentiis

Ok That on had nothing to do with the debate BUT hey it's Giada.

Bachmann mentions her foster children for the 3rd time.

: Wow. Santorum is disgusting. Yes, both definitions.

After viewing this GOP "debate" I am now in favor of a constitutional amendment requiring sanity as a condition for running for office.

I can remember days when debates were normal and understandable... this debates is scary shit!

Did Michele Bachmann just say "Confer with our Commanders in Beef"?

I shouldn't have set drinking game to drink at every lie.

Bachmann clueless on military. Wants to be Comandress in Chief..

Romney is a flip flopper! He is all over the map. Make up your mind Romneycare!

When she's president, Bachmann will confer with Commander in Chief

Santorum says the country should have "one law" in the country re: marriage. Divorce lawyers everywhere laugh.

Sounds like a good time is being had by all.

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et said...

I watched - or, more accurately, listened to - only part of it, Count, when Game Six of the Stanley Cup became too obviously a rout in the making and prompted me to change channels to the freakshow. (Beware my Canucks on home ice, though, come Wednesday!)

My first thought was that there is not a slicker group of snake-oil peddlers to be had in even the cheesiest melodrama. Almost a complete absence of substantive answers across the board, dragging everything back to everything that a Federal government ought NOT be doing for people (which begs the question, why do you want that Federal government to employ you as its de facto CEO for four years, then, exactly?). Privatization as the answer to everything from health care to space exploration, for Crissake.

And CNN wasn't helping. They were so interested in keeping the stopwatch running, so that candidates all got roughly the same time speaking and so that they made their ad breaks in a timely way, there was no opportunity for any speaker to advance past the rote talking points, expose their real viewpoints, and tie themselves up in knots.

But the worst, WORST notion coming out of CNN lies in the cutesy idea of asking one candidate, both upon departing for and returning from a commercial break, a lame either/or question, as a way to "get to know them better." The tenor of these questions? "Elvis or Johnny Cash?" "Coke or Pepsi?" "Deep-dish or thin-crust?" (And you needn't even guess who that last was issued to.) The ultimate dumbing-down of journalism, on display in its full flower.

IMO, the most substantive and useful thing that could be done for the 2012 campaign debates is to place them squarely back in the hands of PBS and the League of Women Voters, take all the commercial calculation out of the equation, and put somebody with some gravitas - Bill Moyers comes to mind - in charge of them all.

But that won't happen. Not nowadays. And certainly not with this gang, who are anything but serious.

But, boxers? Briefs? Or "magic" underwear, Governor Romney?

It's going to be a long 17 months...

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