Monday, June 6, 2011

The Missouri River Is Flooding.

A Combination of melting snow in the mountains and a lot of rain this spring has made the Missouri river flood its banks. The Platte river is also dangerously high. The good news is Omaha is despite what you may have heard a hilly city. And though the Count lives towards the eastern side of the city He is safe as he does not live in a low level area. The eastern edge of the city including downtown could be in for some danger if we get too much more rain. Also the College World Series could have some issues as well. Some areas of Council Bluffs (across the river from Omaha) are evacuating as are areas North and south of the city. Several small towns in Iowa such has Hamburg have had to evacuate.

As I said I live in a high enough area that flooding, if there is any in Omaha should not be a problem however there is a possibility we could have to conserve power becuase the power stations may flood and obviously on hot summer days that would be an inconvenience. Still it beats having
to evacuate.

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