Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness Round 2 Day 2

So far Michigan rolls Tennessee like Mexican cigar leading to speculation that troubled Bruce Pearl era at Tennessee might be over.

Notre Dame didn't need the Pope to beat Akron 69-54.

Texas held on to beat Oakland college 85-81.

George Mason beats Villanova 61-57...or more to the point Villanova lost to George Mason missing several free throws down the stretch.

More as the day goes on. Also i'll tell you why the amazingly popular announcer Gus Johnson is really fucking terrible.

Edit by Jonathan: Day one, I went 14-16 in the Field of 64. Today, was near brutal: as thrilling as the finish between George Mason and Villanova was, the end result was Mason clawing their way back to beat the Wildcats, all becasue they missed three freaking shots in under 2 minutes. Texas played like a #4 seed and beat Oakland, and just now, UNLV got their asses handed to them by Illinois, 73-62. Not a great day for my bracket, but tomorrow is another day, or, in this case, tomorrow is the start of the Field of 32.

Count: I was holding out my full blown admission that VCU belonged in this tournament but now I have to admit they do very much belong.

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