Friday, March 11, 2011

Going To See Willie Nelson

I have a love hate relation ship with Willie Nelson. Not the man he seems like a great dude but with his music. For 20 years he couldn't buy a hit (ok he had 1 top 10 hit in 1962, Touch Me) but then he became an "outlaw" got popular and his music IMHO has for the most part stunk ever since. Still I am excited to see him in concert. One kinda downside. I have to go with the Contessa and My Mother. She has wanted to see him in concert forever and I couldn't go see him and not take her. I just hope my Mom is filled with the stories and ideas on what I like to eat like she always is.

Anyway My message to all Union busters and opponents be they in Wisconsin, Michigan or in the NFL

PS. Hope everything is safe for friends and family on the Pacific coast.

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