Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kidney Stones Must Be Hell On A 10 Pounder

This is Spud. I have posted his picture before. I got him in 2001 when he was a few months old from my ex sister in law because she couldn't sell him to somebody she didn't know (he was suppose to bring in $) and after he licked my feet. (now he's the Contessa's dog...turncoat) Now he's almost 10 had 3 Pilonidal cysts and Urolithiasis more times than I can count. In short this little 10 pound bundle of fur is more man than Mouse Limburg could ever hope to be. Oh and he's got a health card and single payer health care as well. Lucky little turd...Oh well he deserves it.


et said...

He's darling, Count! When we adopted Timbit we learned afterward that he needed an operation for a congential hernia. This "Nanny State" happily took care of that and he's turned into a fine, silky young gentleman.

They do become part of the family.

theroachman said...

Nice little guy you got there Count

My cat is twice the size of that cutie. She is 20 pounds of pure love.

Anonymous said...

My cat is twice the size of that cutie. She is 20 pounds of pure love.

Oh I have a 20 pound cat as well. Funny thing. I've had had small cats that would fight anything and everything. This guy is such a pacifist.

Yakki.PsD said...

Let me tell you brother,Kidney Stones are hell on the big'uns too.

(knows from experience)

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