Monday, March 14, 2011

He Says He's Pro Life...I Bet He Thinks He's A Christian As Well

Kansas State Rep. Virgil Peck (R) (naturally) suggested Monday that the best way to deal with the illegal immigration problem may be the same way the state might deal with the problem of “feral hogs” — by shooting them from a helicopter.

The state’s House Appropriations Committee was debating financing for controlling the feral swine problem, the Lawrence Journal World reports, when one legislator suggested the problem could be handled by shooting them from helicopters. Peck offered: “It looks like to me if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem.”

Scott Rothschild of the Journal World reports Peck as saying, when asked about the comment, that he was just joking:

Asked about his comment, Peck was unapologetic. “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person,” he said.

He said most of his constituents are extremely upset with illegal immigration and the state and federal government response.

He said he didn’t expect any further controversy over his comment. “I think it’s over,” he said.

Late Edit: Since Newshounds is acting like a shithead. (not the site, the Comment system Echo. I'd better make that plain)

If A Republican says something no matter how vile he or she can say it's a joke to cover their asses and it always works. Nobody questions them ever. The national media never does, the hard right wing media and bloggers of course never do. Hell they've yet to figure out what's so wrong about shooting people you don't like just because you dislike them. And the small timers who get their wittle feewings hurt should a liberal say something nowhere near as vile like the Ankeny morality czar Planet Boobs aren't going to say a word. Say you want to hunt a group of people like wild pigs and shoot them from a helicopter big deal it's only a joke. Just mention the name Palin and you have overstepped your bounds and you have hell to pay to everybody from Fox News, CNN on down to the societal dregs.


et said...

Idiot. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives seldom pay for their BS because even if they do get voted out of office they have a $4 billion think tank infrastructure that will be there to catch them and provide them with a six figure salary.

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