Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness Thread

The 2013  NCAA Men's basketball tournament got started Tuesday with a great game between  Liberty and North Carolina A&T with the later winning by a mere point.

The Underrated Gaels of  St. Mary's beat the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee  State.

Wednesday James Madison  beat Long Island-Brooklyn  and La Salle ran past Boise State.

Thursday things get started in he tournament in earnest. All thoughts and reactions to Thursday's and Friday's games go here.

For the record like  the President I have Louisville and Indiana however unlike the President I like Louisville.

Thoughts From Day 1.

Davidson should have pulled the first big upset of the tournament but crapped their drawers to let Marquette steal a victory.

It rarely works out this way but Wichita State's relatively easy win over Pittsburgh would seem to bode well for Creighton tomorrow against Cincinnati. Pitt and Cinci split two games each winning at the others place while Creighton beat WSU 2 out of 3. Always glad to see Steve P. fail.

Gonzaga didn't exactly quiet their detractors with a close victory over Number 16 Southern. Nebraska beat Southern in the first game of the season  66-55. Louisville on the other  hand  crushed  North Carolina A&T by more than 30.

VCU 88 Akron 42 Final. Oh and Syracuse picked Montana 81-34. Great TV games.

Does Missouri not play defense or do they just not play defense the NCAA Tournament? Last year they couldn't stop Norfolk State this year they didn't stop Colorado State. CSU was the MWC one lone bright spot  (more on that later) CSU Coach Larry Eustachy apparently behaved around Missouri co-eds this time.

I'm a Nebraska fan. Is it true or a myth that if you win a game in the tournament you get to play another?

Harvard beat New Mexico in the Every tournaments has got to have one upset of a 13, 14 or 15 beat a 2,3 or 4. This was a 14 over  a 3.  

13-3 Overall but Harvard beating New Mexico hurt my bracket. Good day for the Pac 12, BAD Bad day for the mountain west. Well except for Colorado State.

Thoughts on Day 2. 

Duke didn't look good against Albany but unlike last year they survive and advance.

Another 12 is going to bring down another 5. Wisconsin can't hit Rush in the ass. 

Good God Cincinnati's uniforms are ugly. Good God Fuck Creighton.

La Salle beats  Kansas State...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Creighton Vs Duke Sunday. Or as I like to call it F that Sh*t I'm staying asleep.

Duke Vs Creighton. I haven't seen that much evil in one building since...since...well the CPAC last week.

And a 15 beats a 2. Florida Gulf Coast 78 Georgetown 68. 

Jonathan's San Diego State beat Oklahoma and get's Florida Gulf Coast next. Word of warning. FGC is the best 15 seed team I have seen.  They beat Miami earlier. This will be a good game.

Iowa State gave the Big 12 it's only dignity with a 76-58 win over Notre Dame. Even Kansas 64-57 win  over Western Kentucky wasn't anything  to be proud of. 

I admit it I thought Minnesota did not belong in the tournament after I saw them lose to Nebraska and then lost to Illinois in the first round of the B1G tournament. But they proved me wrong by blowing out UCLA completing a nice first round for the B1G.

It was a disastrous 1st round for the Big 12 and Big East.  


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