Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conservatives: Always Good At Telling You What You Should Do:

There is a feature on this blog called the most popular posts (Basically the posts that had the most spam and bot activity) You can check it out for yourself over on the left side of the blog. What I like best about the feature is sometimes it jogs my shoddy memory as a now long forgotten post sometimes finds its way on to the list and I click on it and  I see comments that have been left since Jonathan, Eileen or myself have written the post. The post in question here was called More On Kyle Ann Shiver and was in response to an article Ms Shiver  had written called "How Vermont Secession Could Bring Peace to the Middle East"

Now I must admit I had forgotten about this post... probably the second after I wrote in July of 2008...and reading it now there is no doubt that I could have been more eloquent and tactful. However what I love most re-reading the post now is this response from one

Zbigniew Mazurak
(clicking his name leads to still going Teabagger blog.)

"Please do not swear, not to mention that you responded to a lady, and according to Western tradition, ladies should be treated more respectfully than gentlemen. You may disagree with her, but you should not offend her. That's not a Lancelot-like deed. This paragraph would also apply to Jonathan and Sergei."

Why do Conservatives do this?  Why do they, the people who love freedom oh so much always hate yours? Why do they feel it is their God given right to tell you what to  post, what to say, what to think?  Aren't these the same people who hate political correctness and  having their  free speech violated?

I don't know what became of Kyle Ann nor do I care. Honestly I had forgotten about writing about her 5 years ago. But I can tell you her blog seems to be gone. What became of her I have no idea. I sure hope I didn't offend her though because that would be terrible.

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