Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Christmas Time! Why Is U Mad?

U Mad? commented on Fox News Inspires Mosque Arsonist! 2 mins ago · Flag
You’re not going to follow up with the unedited video? Not room for the whole truth around here? I understand. You guys wanted the unedited tape because you said it contained something horrible that he didnt want see; now its out and you guys want ignore it. But what should we expect? There was also the line that since he didnt get the law involved it meant he was at fault; then he gets the law involved and that part is ignored too. But still you guys will say the attack was justified for some twisted reason. And blaming FOX news for this mans crimes is as asinine as blaming video games for teen violence.

U Mad? commented on Fox Nation Reacts To Sen. Inouye's Death: One Less Liberal 23 hours ago · Flag
Here’s the difference between me and you guys; I would never defend these comments. I wouldnt find some way to validate their comments and I sure wouldnt do everything I could to justify their actions. These people should be banned for posting crap like that.

U Mad? commented on O’Reilly Issues (Republican) Marching Orders For Mexico: Release Jailed Marine Or Else! 23 hours ago · Flag
I completely understand. O’Reilly is a bad guy doing a bad thing. He threatened Mexico by saying there would be hell to pay. He’s a bad, bad person.

U Mad? commented on In Newtown Shootings, Former ‘Takers’ Are Now Fox News Heroes 3 days ago · Flag
@mj: Excusing hatred by pointing out others hatred is childish. I would never defend anyone who posts the kind of hatred that is posted here or there.

U Mad? commented on It's Official: Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder Selectively Edited His Video And Lied About What Happened 4 days ago · Flag
So what happened to the HotDog vendor is ok because he should have known it was going to be a hostile situation? This whole situation is amazing. The only people on video assaulting people are Union thugs. The only people using racist slurs against the hotdog vendor are Union thugs. But in the end, its the hotdog vendors fault for putting himself in that situation and its Crowders fault for being assaulted because he deserved it. And what does the left do? Find a reason to justify the violence and hatred coming from the Union thugs. Amazing.

U Mad? commented on Bill O'Reilly Offers Free F**k U 47% Bumper Sticker With $19.95 Purchase Of O'Reilly Gear! 6 days ago · Flag
Where did I say i was laughing at you? Talk about “skewing” the news…

Vicious Killer commented on Steven Crowder Doesn’t Deny Pushing To The Ground The Man Who Later Punched Him 6 days ago · Flag
Did Crowder admit to pushing this man? Is there video evidence that shows Crowder pushing this man? Thats a no and a no. If Crowder had pushed this man then why hasnt anyone on the left come out and proven it? Why isnt the guy in the video defending himself on every cable show from MSNBC to CNN? If Crowder is the perp in this we would know by now; the liberals would make damn sure of that. For the last time, show me video evidence of Crowder pushing the man down.

U Mad? commented on Steven Crowder Admits He Went To Michigan Protest To ‘Prove’ Union Thugs ‘For Who They Truly Are’ 6 days ago · Flag
Again, actual evidence that he pushed him. The tape does not show Crowder pushing him. No where on there does it show Crowder pushing him. You’re making assumptions. Wouldnt the guy be all over MSNBC right now if Crowder had pushed him? Wouldnt the guy be pressing charges or at the least making the rounds of the liberal news orgs to tell his side of the story if he was pushed first? You know he would. Again, there is no evidence that Crowder pushed the guy. You guys are filling in the blanks with what you want to believe.

U Mad? commented on Hannity And Coulter Use The Michigan Labor Protests To Inflame Hatred For The Left 6 days ago · Flag
Lot of you seem more worried about a screen name (its the name of my minature poodle) than one of your own condoning violence against people who disagree with you. Amazing.

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