Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl Benefiting The Make A Wish Foundation.

BYU Vs San Diego State.

Announcers Carter Blackburn and Rod Gilmore so I may need my headache pills.

It's been a heavy troll day over at Newshounds. If they leave some goodness I will post it in Bold like this

Lynn Braddy commented 9 mins ago · Flag
I didn’t realize my comments were immortalized by the left. Gee you guys must be bored never having to defend your fraud-n-chief. Why no comments about the 600 blacks murdered in Chicago? Where has Obama been? It’s his community that’s being disorganized. A fraud and liar.

Oh Joy and racist Jemelle Hill on the sidelines.

It's 20 degrees and there are 7 inches of snow on the ground so why  not watch some football?

Unlike San Diego State BYU game of yore this one is going to have lots of running and defense. SD State has alread thrown a pick and BYU just almost threw one.

Kind of a shame there are so many empty seats with San Diego State playing at home.

What the world needs now is guns more guns. That's just one thing there's just too little of.-Tomorrow's NRA Press conference. 

OK where is the flag on BYU? With what I have seen called on Nebraska how that is not a penalty?

And there is a field goal. 3-0 San Diego State. 

And Gilmore and Blackburn start to bring the suck.

Lynn Braddy commented
Ellen, are you afraid to put your last name to this tripe you write? 

Right now San Diego State is gouging BYU on the ground.

Time for some Bronco Mendenhall dick slobbering by Blackburn, Gilmore and Hill. That Bronco Mendenhall is such a great guy.

If this game continues like this BYU will be dragging ass  in the 4th quarter.

Back to Bronco Mendenhall. It is so great that a coach nobody else wants is so pure about looking at other coaching jobs.

San Diego State is really out playing BYU but they aren't taking advantage of it so far...but they go for it on 4th down and they pick it up.

You know if the Apocalypse happened now, it is the 21st in some places I would go watching football what are the odds?

Well another field goal for SDSU. 6-0. But they should be ahead by much more.

No Carter Blackburn you ARE NOT calling the Holiday Bowl. 

Carter Blackburn thinks Bronco Mendenhall is Brad Pitt. I am not making this shit up.

Lynn Braddy commented 4 mins ago · Flag
Hey Joseph, can you prove you’re not George Soros? More probably, you are David Brock, Media Matters idiot. Or you might be the father or son that was stalking Palin. Or maybe you are that Cornell kid that hacked Sarah’s email account. Liberals are good at skirting the law. Isn’t it interesting that we’ve been able to read Palins 59,000 pages of Alaskan emails and we’ve yet to see Obamas transcripts, visa, college loan activity. college admission requirements. Obama is a fraud and liar. 
And I wake up and San Diego State intercepts a pass and returns it for a touchdown but...block below the waist so SDSU gets the ball but not the Touchdown. A score here is already huge. BYU isn't going to score much in this game.
Lynn Braddy commented 2012-12-20 21:09:32 -0500 · Flag
Why are you people trying to advertise on this site?You don’t even believe in capitalism. You should be bleeding the taxpayers out of their money, like NPR.

No points for San Diego State. They should be ahead 21-0 and they are up 6-0. Will they rue it later?

BYU has some offense! 38 yard pass down to the 6 yard line. 9 seconds left.

And of course BYU has to settle for a field goal which they make. 6-3 San Diego State at halftime. San Diego State should be ahead much more.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Uk huh what? BYU blocked a punt.

BYU going for it on 4th and 10.

Why do you call a timeout to punt?

If San Diego State can score a TD this game is over.

BYU is on something of a drive. if you notice I haven't been updating it's because this game sucks.

And BYU's drive fizzes.

And it's 6-3 San Diego State after 3.

With the score 6-3 and SDSU having to punt from it's own end zone Rod Gilmore thinks the door is open for BYU.

BYU gets to the San Diego State 3 yard line and SDSU get an interception at the goal line. that might be the game.

OK why in the blue hell did SDSU call a pass play there? Why? Why? Why?

The call on the field stands! So thanks to some really shitty play calling the BYU Cougars are now up 10-6 in a game SDSU should be up by at least 14 points.

I hope these 3 stooges talk about how the head coach of one of the greediest universities in America is so against greed.

OK San Diego State is just imploding now.

And of the fumble another BYU touchdown.

And a game that San Diego State dominated for 3 quarters and didn't score is now 16-6. BYU missed the PAT.

Oh Carter Blackburn fuck you and your damn fight songs.

Oh for fucks sake catch that.

And now I am eating my cold cut from Subway.

Lynn Braddy commented 42 mins ago · Flag
Oh by the way all the people in Massachusetts are liberals, just sayin.
Lynn Braddy commented 1 hour ago · Flag
I’ll be back next year when all you liberals are washing dishes at Dennys, and shaking salt on the fries at McDonalds. Can’t wait for Clinton to recover from her fake concussion and give us the truth on Libya, although she’ll probably say I don’t recall. I hope you guys make it through tomorrow so we can continue our discussion in 2013. 
One thing BYU has done really well tonight is punt the ball inside the San Diego State 5 and keep them backed up.

Goodnight thank you for participating.BYU intercepts and runs the ball back for a touchdown. 

And San Diego State throws another interception. Did he catch it? Do you care? I don't. 

NO interception. 

OK another Interception and this one counts.

And BYU in the victory formation 23-6 BYU. Uh...great game.

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