Monday, December 31, 2012

And Carol's Registered Democrat

Carole Bauman commented 4 hours ago · Flag
The Democrats are now the party of lies and distortions. Obama is a dumbed down puppet for the Black Panthers and Muslim Brotherhood, so how can Americans believe anything put out by the media? Hillary knownly lied about Benghazi in the nfirst place, so why should we believe anything about the Obutt Administration. Fake president, fake marriage, fake straight male, who is very gay, fake intellectual, can’t even give an oration without Rev. Whrites sing-song preacher voice. The Obutts are lazy, greedy sewer rats from the gang infested, thug environment of southside Chicago where they partied and breathed the same views as anit American Bill Ayers. Why would I think that theses two grifters in the White House would lead America in the right direction or serve America with pride and loyalty? I don’t believe one word that comes out of any Democrats mouth or the media. I am a registered Democrat and will never ever vote that ticket ever again!!

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