Monday, April 9, 2012

Rest In Peace Kimberlee.

Horrible news. We lost one of the great ones from newshounds way to soon. Kimberlee Keller passed away April 8th ending her courageous battle with Cancer. We loved her and will miss her. She was a great one.

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Loved ya Kim!

Edit: We will always cherish this:

Edit by Jonathan: I don't have the words right now; it's too much of a shock. But I do have one great piece of advice she gave me back when I was about to turn 16:

One of the gifts that life has unexpectedly given me back is that one of the friends I had at that age, thereabouts (17), lives here in NYC and is one of the most precious people in my life.

She met me when she was 15, and it was through the magic of the internet that we even met up again.

Hmm, where am I going with this?

You never know who your friends are going to be. People you think you will love forever vanish, this happens no matter how old you get. I was never lucky enough, like my dad, to have a friend he has always been able to lean on since high school, but I digress. I met her again, recently, and it's wonderful to know there is still something about us that stays.

Here's the thing, and this is what I realized upon hooking up with my friend from high school -we change, but there is always something of you that stays.

There's so MUCH TIME ahead of you at 16, I think about it and I am overwhelmed. I remember, driving around with my first car, with my first boyfriend and the night sky stretching out for all etenity. At 16, it was like the world went on for forever. Scary and awesome.

Life plays a cruel joke on all of us - when you are young you cannot wait to grow up, when you grow up you miss the eternalness of youth.

16? At 16 you can drive around, and enjoy everything new. Be serious but not too much so. We all forget, when we get older, how long the space is from day to day when you are 16.

The only thing you need to know is to fly straight and right, everything else will fall into place. So long as you do not betray yourself, there isn't a lot you can do wrong.

Don't grow up too fast, and make sure part of you never grows up at all. Some grown up people didn't keep that little part, and they can sometimes suck. Posted by: Kim, Pb.D on Mon 4.17 12:00am
Thanks, Kim. I will forever miss your uniqueness and your kindness.

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