Monday, April 2, 2012

NCAA MEN'S National Championship Game

If Kentucky wins (as most are predicting) what will the idiots in Lexington burn this time? All thoughts on the game go here.

Fray, Cray, Tray...whoever gave an underwhelming national anthem.

And your national champion is...

Of course given John Calipari's track record they'll have to forfeit it in 5 years.

Now sit back and watch Lexington burn.


Count Istvan said...

Overall I give the entire Tournament a B. Closer to a B- than a B+ There were some great moments but all and all the thing just seemed...blah.

Yakki.PsD said...

I didn't see a whole lot of a game on kentucky's part. I don't know waht got burned,but I'm sure soemthing got set afire. Some folks in my state are just that stupid over a basketball game.

The real shine was on Davis of UK though. I htough the kid pulled it out of the UK/Cards game.They shorted him 2 rebounds on the end tally though. He had 16 and they gave him 14 official during the game at the end. It was at 15 not 15 minutes earlier,he got another,and then when they put up the end stats they said he had 14,contradicting their previous number.

But yeah,really lackluster offerings this year.

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