Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Thoughts on Auntie and $.

I am not going to post my entire thoughts on the $ Auntie matter at this point out of respect to Auntie and
because things can and often do change so speaking too quickly would probably be a mistake. I think all of you know that I support Auntie no less today than I have ever have and in fact support him even more.

I have often said to both Auntie and Alex on twitter that I thought they needed to block the fucktwits on twitter and not let them distract from the good work they do. Their response is that blocking them won't make them shut up which is true, however I find they have no credibility. They're going to say what they're going to say. However it seems to me by acknowledging them or engaging in Twitter wars with them you're giving them exactly what they want. Koldeys, Blackflon, Graypussy and the rest post the same shit to these two good folks over and over again at will. Why let it junk up your twitter feed? Why waste your time responding. I know they say shit about me. Sometimes I hear it and I say what is the truth...I don't care. Not once have I been amongst people whose opinions matter to me and had them come up and say to me "did you see what "Mark Koldeys said about you?" If I asked them who Koldeys was I'd get the same look I would get if I asked them to explain advanced calculus to me. As Alex, who is Ellen according to the sleuths over at $ dump, or is she Patsy also? said herself their blog has little readership. OK It has more than mine but whuppity fucking do.  It doesn't have enough readership to give them even an announce of respect or credence in my eyes. Again I don't take their nuttery lightly. I've been a victim of one of their stalking hunts. I know that somebody over there (I think I know who) posts or posted as me on various sites like Mediate. But I figure they are such scum (admitted pedophiles and their friends usually are) that I care not what they say or what they think about me or anything else. Hey if they hate you, you muct be doing something right.

When Auntie PM'd me and asked me to read what graypussy had wrote I had just skimmed it because I can not and will not read their bullshit. Personally I don't believe anything they write anyway. I mean near as I could tell these people thought Auntie was Jonathan and everybody else was named "patsy" So my initial response to what little I read was this is all bullshit so as a response I made a flippant response to Auntie which he probably didn't understand and which I now regret. He knows I stand with and by him and I support him 1000%. If that earns me another round of insults from Dollars chumps or another half-assed stalking attempt well then bully for me.


Unknown said...

Great wrote it well, and for your information I am Patsy and Patrick that they are obsessed with....

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

So "Patsy" does exist. That's good to know. BTW I have been accused of being you by the MENSAS over there. I think we all have at some point. that's why I made the comment.

Headly Westerfield said...

Your support was never in doubt. But...that's not your real name, izzit?

With all my love,

Anonymous said...

No. If you recall, I'm patsy too. This all started with that paranoid freaky horse fucker "wantstosuckolbermann". The asshole has so many socks that he thinks everyone else does too.

They're all just a bunch of turds at $'s cesspool. And they're all stupid. Not worth the time to even think about them.


Anonymous said...

Nope My real name is Commodore Schmidlapp

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