Tuesday, August 23, 2011

See Iowa This Is Why We Laugh At You

For some reason the state of Iowa feels the need to award a trophy to the winner of the annual Iowa-Iowa State football Game. As if the comfort of knowing you are the second (let's face it most years Northern Iowa is better than both teams) best team in Iowa wasn't enough. Well this year the Iowa Corn folks unveiled the new trophy and the response was so bad that even Terry Branstad took time out of busy schedule of fucking both the state and Mikey Thayer over to bash it. The Trophy consists of a homeless family gathered around a bucket of corn.

Because nothing says Iowa like homeless around a barrel of fresh corn. Near as I can tell there is a grown man, his grandson and a young teen girl who already had given birth when she was about 12. Hmm. I wonder if they live in Ankeny. I didn't say that.


Bob Peters said...

I take time out of stalking Michelle Bachmann to post here everyday yet you are obsessed.

Christ I Have An Ego said...

Even though the population of Ankeny is now 45,562 I always assume when ever the town is mentioned people are talking about me!

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