Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember 2008? The Newshounds Trolls Weren't Happy

A small taste of the racism and bitterness Obama's election brought to Newshounds from the right

The election of that half-breed proves the old P.T.Barnum statement that "there is a sucker born every minute"!
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:52 pm #

The liberal media ignored signals about the connection between BHO and Blogajehvich; instead they went after Sarah Palin and her personal life yet ignored the filth and corruption going on in Chicago. YASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me bout yo mamma.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:55 pm #

There were a lot of welfare suckers who voted for the Great Nubian Mulatto Messiah as well as the HATE AMERICA FIRST far lefties.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:57 pm #

I won't have to worry 'bout payin' my Mortgage...I won't have to worry 'bout puttin' gas in my car...
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:04 pm #

Where my motha-fuckin' check Obama?
I voted for your black ass 12.17.08 - 10:11 pm #

Unbelievable! You jerks fought Bush every second of his presidency and now you think we should support that thing you stupid people just elected?Give me a break...

Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:26 pm #

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