Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How About Some Comedy From Iowa Way?

I listen to conservative talk radio every day, and I have never heard anything from it that would remotely hit "racist" or "homophobic".
Conservatives debate based upon facts and logic, liberals debate based upon emotion.

Again, skin color has no place in any political debate. Unless you look at the fact Johnson got the Civil Rights Act passed because of the Republicans...

Of course, my side does not have a sitting Senator that is the ex KKK head......


Why do leftists define "hate" as anything or anyone that disagrees with their political agenda?

The Left has changed so many meanings of words; the words "hate" and "racist" have come to have new meanings.
I see "hate speech" here at NewsHounds every day.

I do not see it at, or

I do see it at Daily Kos and Huffingtons.

I do not hear "hate speech" on Limbaugh's radio show.

I do hear it on Air America.

You blanket "everyone" that has opposing political views as yourself as "right wing".


I will no longer use the term "leftists"; instead I will use the term "left wing".

Is that acceptable to you?

No. I want to know why it is perfectly acceptable in 2008 for a black newspaper writer to say the word "negro" when refering to Obama, and it is not acceptable for a white radio host to say the exact same thing.

Is there a single, solitary person here from the politcal left that is actually a thinking, rational adult, or is everyone here a ridiculous child with room tempature IQ?


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO-he can't be serious

Anonymous said...

Yes he's quite serious I am afraid.

Aria said...

And sadly, this is just the stuff that wasn't disgusting enough to get deleted.

Anonymous said...

BTW Aria we dreamed up the law suit threats.

Aria said...

Ah, so... the fact that I have them screencapped counts for nothing? I wonder if "Todd" cleaned out his post history yet?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan must be a psycho as well since he's the one who told me about the law suit.

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