Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fox & Friends: The Mainstream Media Are Fixing the Poll Numbers!

Breaking news: Denial isn't just a river in Egypt!

After a raft of new polls showed Obama opening up leads in swing states, the Friends flew in to full-blown conspiracy mode about what’s really behind the data.
Parroting the latest Republican meme that national polls oversample Democrats, host Steve Doocy threw in to the mix the possibility that pollsters are using voter turnout from 2008 to guide who they should be asking. And why would the “left-based mainstream media” do this? Doocy had an answer.
“Well, two reasons,” he said. “One, perhaps, to keep Mitt Romney’s donors from coughing up more cash. And two, to keep people from doing early voting.”
Co-host Gretchen Carlson had another theory: “I do think there’s a subliminal message in these daily polling things, which isn’t always great for the voter.”

That's right, folks: Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson believe that every pollster from NBC/Washington Post to Quinipiac are somehow deliberately inflating poll numbers to make President Obama  look like he's running away with the electoral college tally, and thus, the election itself. Does Pres-O have these guys on speed dial on his Blackberry or something? But Fox, being the right-wing propaganda machine "fair and balanced" news network that we all know they are, have the real numbers to bust the liberal media's gross distortion that the race isn't a blowout, but a close one that Mitt Romney is quick gaining ground-oh, wait....

So, by the duo's own logic, the company they work for must also be deliberately skewing poll numbers to make Obama look like he's going to win Election 2012, and in similar fashion as he did in 2008. The comedy, as they say, writes itself.

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Anonymous said...

The party that's losing always starts in with the wild we're really winning theories about this time.

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