Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't Cry For Green Bay Argentina. Cry For The Game

NFL Fans are rightfully outraged over lousy officiating but for all the wrong reasons

Are you outraged because of the officiating from the replacement referees over the last 3 weeks? Good! Are you just now outraged because you think the last bad call of a night of a thousand bad calls cost the Green Bay Packers? Go blow it out your butt.

 Lost in the outcry over the game Monday night is the fact that much like the game Sunday night and well, every other game the last 3 weeks, the entire game was called poorly. Those final few bad calls at the end that everybody is so outraged about is just a symptom of a much larger ailment. These replacement officials are not qualified to the job being asked of them to do.  Did The Packers did robbed last night? Yes but so did Seattle. All of America’s pro football fans got robbed last night.  But Would the last play not have happened would there still have been such an outcry over a prime time game that was horribly officiated for the second night in a row?
With all of the post game outrage over the games ending and a blown call that went against Green Bay why was nobody mentioning the fact that Green Bay got their go ahead touchdown off of a series of blown calls that went against Seattle? And If all of the Green Bay players had spent half the energy on the football field that they spent on twitter afterword would the game even have come down to that final play? Which of the refs gave up 8 sacks in the first half? Funny enough it's Green Bay's offensive lineman who for much of the night looked as incompetent as the referees who are whining the loudest.

Nobody is going to argue that this game wasn't horribly officiated nor should they unless they are nuts or so beaten down by society that they don't question anything. And yes there should be real outage over the job these officials are doing, aren't doing, or are not capable of doing. But the outrage shouldn't be over the last play, outcome, or who won or who lost the game. The outrage should be over the damage not having the regular officials is doing to the game at large. I've seen games where one team got screwed over another by officials and have been told to quite crying about it. THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE GAMES. Green Bay had 10 penalties for 127 yards and Seattle had 14 penalties for 118 yards. If that's attempt to screw one team it was a pretty half-assed attempt even by these replacement referee’s standards. Both teams got jobbed tonight. New England and Baltimore both got jobbed last night. And we the fans have gotten jobbed every-night and will continue to get jobbed until an agreement with the regular officials is reached.

And finally if Green Bay, New England or any other teams and their twitter brigades really want to put an end to replacement officials they could and here is how they could do it. You say no more and go out and stand on the picket line with the officials. I guarantee you if players sent a message by passing up a paycheck and costing the NFL real money by not being able to stage it's product this strike would end tomorrow. But do you think that even with all of the outrage currently being displayed by the players that they would take such a drastic and real, meaningful step? No? Me neither. They'd rather take their chances that the other team is going to be the last team to be jobbed by a 3rd grade teacher whose main officiating experience comes from calling games for Wabash University. And what the hell, if it's their team who has the call go against them well then there is always your iphone and your twitter account waiting for you to complain all night afterword.

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