Monday, May 14, 2012

They're Here! They're Queer! The Right Refuse to Get Used To It!

As we know, President Obama this week, made history this week by coming out of the closet in support of gay marriage. The asylum at Blogs for didn't take the news too well, as you might expect, but more on that in a minute. Matt Margolis, the resident attack is livid that Dick Cheney, who came out in support for gay marriage, isn't being showered with praise from the media. Yet the article he linked to tells the story as to why Cheney isn't getting, as Margolis feels, the attention he deserves: Cheney came out in support for marriage June of 2009, almost six months since he left office, whereas Obama was the first official in office to actually utter his support for this particular issue. Big difference there, Matt.
As I stated earlier, the mental patients in the asylum of a blog, didn't take the news too lightly...

js03May 11, 2012 at 3:13 pm #
America was founded on the Declaration of Independence. Its foundations lie under the respect of the laws of nature, and of natures God. Any medical doctor will tell you what the human reproductive system is for. Sodomy is not sex, it is deviant sexual behavior. It is not reproductive behavior; it is nothing more than selfish lust and is a huge indicator of sex addiction. Homosexuality is an abomination of the human body, and its reproductive system. An abomination is aberrant behavior, deviant sexual activity, and is often a part of a lifestyle that includes alcohol abuse, drug abuse and depression.
There is no protection for an imagined civil right to deviant behavior.
That was just one of the many comments you'll find that show their feelings on the news story which I'm not going to link, monstly because it's the lot of them using the Bible to justify their own prejudice, a pastime which has been well documented on this site for years now. The one question I have about this whole affair is why do they amass so much energy into raling against gays and lesbians getting married? What difference does it make if two men are married or two women?

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Remember last election when God and Jesus went over to blogs for Victory and fucked with their flock?

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